Restore and Maintain the Kalachakra Stupa

Donate to the Stupa

Sponsor the Restoration and Yearly Maintenance of the Stupa

Donate to the Stupa Maintenance


Volunteer for this Project

,We occasionally have stūpa maintenance within our Kalapa Care Weeks. You can volunteer to help repair ornamental elements, cracks, and painting.

Help visitors and wildlife experience the blessings of our  Kālachakra Stūpa

As winters can be quite harsh in our region, the stūpa requires regular maintenance. Volunteers regularly come together to paint and renovate the stūpa, which is an inspiring community effort. If you would like to contribute to the cost of maintaining the stūpa and its surroundings, you can donate here.

Meritorious Offerings 

Stupas are a tremendous support for generating merit. They are a representation of the enlightened mind of the Buddha and can be venerated as such. Repairing a stūpa with the intention to benefit all sentient beings generates oceans of virtue. In addition to this, making offerings to repair a Kālachakra Stūpa creates a karmic link between you and this powerful teachings taught by the Buddha as well as the lineage Masters who contributed to its blessing.

Building and repairing stūpas help purify karma of the living and deceased connected to the contribution. Animals who come into contact with the stūpa will connect themselves with the seed of liberation. Repairing a powerful holy object such as a stūpa also helps remove obstacles from the Dharma practice, creates the conditions for a long-life, heals from illness, and ultimately contributes to the recognition of our own enlightened nature.

Make an Offering to the Buddhas

Make an Offering to the Buddhas

Donate an Offering

Sponsor Offerings to the Buddhas on the Shrine

Sponsor Offerings to the Buddhas on the Shrine

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Make an Offering on our Kālachakra Shrine


On the shrine for our blessed Kālachakra Statue in the Kālachakra Temple, we have installed and painted new trim that puts 130 painted Buddhas along the offering shelves. We wish to set up offerings in front of each Buddha. The offerings will be candles in elegant lotus candle holders and flower and water offerings in new traditional bowls that will permanently live in front of the Buddhas. We will continue to refresh the offerings so that for anyone who wishes to make an offering to the Buddha, the merit will continue to increase. The cost of crystals, bowls, and offerings is about 15 Euros each.

Dzokden Kalapa Annual Fund

Dzokden Kalapa Annual Fund

annual fund

Donate to Support the Activities of Dzokden Kalapa

Donate to Dzokden Kalapa's Annual Fund


Support our Retreat Center which is the first in the world outside of Tibet to offer the full Kālachakra Path to non-monastic practitioners in western languages

We rely on the support of our community and private sponsors whose contributions make our projects and events possible. Offer your support so that Dzokden Kalapa can continue to provide all of our practice sessions, teachings, and retreats in a financially accessible way. 

By helping us achieve longterm financial self-sustainability, we can focus our resources on bringing as much benefit to the international community as possible. We want to ensure that this Golden Age Dharma of the Jonang Tradition and the blessings of this space created by many Kālachakra masters of different lineages is available for future generations to come into contact with. 

Dzokden Kalapa is the first center to hold the complete Jonang Kālachakra completion path in Europe and offering it in European languages to lay practitioners. We are humbled to have this rare and precious opportunity. This profound complete path of the Six Vajra Yogas has not been traditionally accessible to non-monastic practitioners. 

May the merits of this act of generosity become the cause for the Dzokden Dharma to flourish in this world, and in so doing, may we manifest a Golden Age of peace and harmony in our world.

Sponsor the Tibetan Canon and Kālachakra Literature

Sponsor the Tibetan Canon and Kālachakra Literature

Sponsor Dharma

Contribute to our collection of the Tibetan Canon and Kālachakra Literature

Sponsor Dharma Texts for Kalapa


Tibetan Canon and Kālachakra Literature 

There is a lot of benefit in taking care of the sacred Dharma texts as they contain the medicine we need for removing obscurations and for accumulating merit and wisdom for the sake of all sentient beings. 

Donate so that we can expand our collection of Tibetan Canon texts in the main shrine of the Kālachakra Temple. We have already the main texts of the Tibetan Canon at the temple and now we wish to expand our Canon collection. 

We aim also to expand our Kalapa library at the Yoga Room by purchasing significant books on Vajrayāna, Kālachakra, and the Jonang Tradition so that they are available for practitioners and visitors. This includes for example translations into modern languages of the Kālachakra Tantra and books on associated topics.

Volunteer at Suchandra Institute

Volunteer at Suchandra Institute


Opportunities to offer Service to the Community

Practice the Paramita of Generosity

 skilOne of the paramitas of generosity is to offer the Dharma without expectation of anything in return. Come to Suchandra with a desire to use your existing talents in order to bring benefit to others and help Rinpoche’s aspirations be realized. Whether you are seeking a sense of community and/or a greater purpose than your regular life can offer, we create a supportive environment where you can discover your own potential for peace and harmony and how to bring these qualities into the world. This is the path of learning through serving others with the inspiration of the guru. 

Everyone staying at Suchandra participates in a structured and yet flexible routine that encourages a balanced approach to life, capable of maximising the potential of each day. Special care is spent to encourage the development of meaningful relationships between people which are grounded in wholesome values such as sincerity, a loving heart and a compassionate perspective. Through such a supportive environment, our members can feel safe and confident when facing their own limitations.

Due to the diversity of our projects, Suchandra offers an opportunity for volunteers to challenge themselves in a variety of ways, while also learning new skills and techniques which can improve their capacity to bring benefit to others. Volunteers are able to gain a deeper and more vast perspective for how to contribute to building a Golden Age of peace and harmony.

May the merits from this act of generosity become the cause for the Dzokden Dharma to flourish in this world and in so doing, may we manifest a Golden Age of peace and harmony! 

How to Participate as an Online Volunteer

You can help build Suchandra Institute from any in the world. Generally we are always looking for help with marketing, social media and program planning online. Volunteer through the Dzokden Community on the Suchandra Institute project. To find out more contact us below or email [email protected] or [email protected]

How to Participate as an On-Site Volunteer

Generally speaking, we strongly recommend volunteering for the Dzokden Community for a while as a regular contributor, before joining as an on-site volunteer. Then, if you have the aspiration of supporting our community at Suchandra as an on-site volunteer, you are more than welcome to contact us, so that we can arrange a meeting: [email protected] or [email protected]

For working as an on-site volunteer we can offer you the possibility of staying a weekend, a week or some weeks, depending on the project planned. Food and shelter will be provided by Suchandra. Concluding this initial phase, after the volunteer has returned to their home, if they wish they can send a proposal for volunteering on-site for a longer period. The proposal will then be appreciated by Rinpoche or his assistants and by the Suchandra Directory Board. 

Long-term full-time volunteering (longer than three months) for strongly committed students is also possible. Currently places are quite limited. Each person is considered on a case by case basis.

Sponsored General Volunteer Work
We currently have limited funds to put towards sponsoring our volunteers and need to make sure they are put to the work that best supports the Guru and community. The work is the practice and this is an opportunity to transform life skills into the Dharma path. As an on-site volunteer, you are expected to contribute for 40 hours each week. You can of course volunteer more than that if you wish. There is no limit to how much you can do for the community and the Guru. Almost 100% of our volunteer work is on the computer translating text, building the website, working in graphic design programs, editing videos, social media, accounting and other professional skills. You will need to have computer skills in order to be able to be an on-site volunteer.  In your personal time, you can walk in the nearby woods, do yoga, meditate in the Gompa, read from the Kalachakra library, cook food, or practice the sadhanas.

Retreat Specific Volunteer Work
Occasionally there are opportunities to support a retreat through cooking, and cleaning. So for those who do not have computer skills but would still like to contribute, you can inquire to come and offer service to the community for the duration of our in-person retreats. 

Offering Service to Kalapa Center
If you would like to support the Kalachakra center which we currently rent for retreats, you can offer service to them to help improve their grounds and property. Recent projects have included remodeling the bathroom and outside Terrace.  This is suited to those with tradeskill or who are fit enough to offer physical labor skills. For more information, you can inquire here on their website

offer Your skills, time, and love

We look forward to hearing from you. How would you like to generate merit for the benefit of all sentient beings and contribute?

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