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Volunteer application

We are always looking for part-time, online and residential volunteers to help the activities of Khentrul Rinpoche flourish. If you see a position you are interested in please apply on that page. If you would like to contribute to Dzokden Kalapa and don’t see an open position listed, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.  For those who are interested in one time volunteer events, please check out or page on Kalapa Cares.


Open Positions at Kalapa

Please look through the open positions for residential volunteers. If one appeals to you, please apply on the form below. You can apply to volunteer even if you do not see an open position as we can also benefit from remote volunteers for online work as well as event specific volunteers.

Residential Volunteer: Handywoman / Handyman

Residential Volunteer Position OPEN 

Position: Handywoman / Handyman

Join our team at Kalapa to accomplish the altruistic aspirations of Khentrul Rinpoché. Create virtue by supporting the Dzokden community at Kalapa in this sacred retreat while enjoying the wonderful Spring in the Austrian mountains.

Apply with the form below.


Volunteer Position open for the following periods
(please inform us for which period you are applying):

1) Spring 2023, 2) Spring 2024, 3) Spring 2025

Duration: from 1 to 3 months

Working Language: German or English. Exceptions are possible for exceptional cases.

Volunteer Schedule: The expected dedication time is around 40 hours a week

Agreement: Volunteering does not establish a working relationship between the volunteer and Dzokden / Dzokden Kalapa. You must cover your own personal health insurance and pension costs.

We are looking for a person with a strong sense of handiwork who can manage her/his work independently after being introduced to the place and projects, with attention to detail and a positive attitude. He or She is well-organized and apt in problem-solving. It is also helpful if you can work alone and with assistants or as a part of a team when necessary during the Kalapa Cares.


What we offer: 

(1) Food, full board (volunteers cook together during events; you can cook independently if there are no events running).

(2) an Individual Room (except you are staying in a period where an event has been planned). 

(3) Access to the Yoga Room, Kalachakra Temple, and Kalachakra Stupa for practice, study, and meditation (except when there is a closed retreat taking place).

(4) Free Access to Courses, Teachings and Empowerments online offered by Dzokden worldwide during the residency period.

(5) Access to facilities such as wi-fi etc.

(6) An Inspiring Environment of altruistic dedication to the Three Jewels.

Dzokden Kalapa Enlightened Activities Program - Volunteer Application

For those who wish to make good karma and merit while they contribute to Golden Age and the local location in Austria, Khentrul Rinpoche has designed the Enlightened Activities Program. This program is for anyone who wishes to volunteer occasionally or for students who are dedicated practioners looking to learn how to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary as they make their whole life a tantric practice. Please complete this questionnaire to tell us about yourself. We use this information to match you to the activities that you may contribute the most to. As a Dzokden Kalapa volunteer, you will support Rinpoche and our events, communications, learning management system, book publishing, video production and much more. If you are just practicing locally in Austria, your information is only available at Kalapa. If you want to work with our internetional network your information will be shared with Dzokden located in the USA. Your data will be protected.

Local Questions, contact office @kalapa.org 
Global Questions, contact [email protected].