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Donate to Support the Activities of Dzokden Kalapa

Donate to Dzokden Kalapa's Annual Fund


Support our Retreat Center which is the first in the world outside of Tibet to offer the full Kālachakra Path to non-monastic practitioners in western languages

We rely on the support of our community and private sponsors whose contributions make our projects and events possible. Offer your support so that Dzokden Kalapa can continue to provide all of our practice sessions, teachings, and retreats in a financially accessible way. 

By helping us achieve longterm financial self-sustainability, we can focus our resources on bringing as much benefit to the international community as possible. We want to ensure that this Golden Age Dharma of the Jonang Tradition and the blessings of this space created by many Kālachakra masters of different lineages is available for future generations to come into contact with. 

Dzokden Kalapa is the first center to hold the complete Jonang Kālachakra completion path in Europe and offering it in European languages to lay practitioners. We are humbled to have this rare and precious opportunity. This profound complete path of the Six Vajra Yogas has not been traditionally accessible to non-monastic practitioners. 

May the merits of this act of generosity become the cause for the Dzokden Dharma to flourish in this world, and in so doing, may we manifest a Golden Age of peace and harmony in our world.