cultivate balance

Whether guest or volunteer, everyone staying in our community participates in a structured and yet flexible routine that encourages a balanced approach to life, capable of maximising the potential of each day. This includes a variety of recurring activities such as group meditations, physical exercise, balanced nutrition and also sufficient space for personal reflection and growth.

 connect with community online

We offers several online practice sessions in German and English to help the community stay connected in Europe. Our courses support practitioners new to Buddhism or who are following the Kalachakra Tantra Path and follow the lunar cycle.

Kalachakra Tsok

For Kalachakra Initiates

For students exploring or working on the Kalachakra Ngondro, this is a great opportunity to flexibly learn to work with the practice the Ngondro as well as refresh your Samaya with the Guru Puja and Kalachakra Tsok.


English and Tibetan

Medicine Buddha

Open to Anyone

Connect with the healing power of the Medicine Buddha every month. For those who would like us to include your loved ones in our prayers, you can email a photo in.



21 Taras Practice

Open to Anyone

The Mother of all the Buddhas, Tara sees all suffering and is the swiftest to come to aid of those in need. This practice helps us connect with our ultimate feminine nature, our innate wisdom.



Sponsor a Project

Your generosity empowers us to make these Golden Age teachings of peace and harmony available in Europe

Yoga Room construction

Help us repair the collapsing roof structure of our main building

Temple Renovation Project

Create a beautiful shrine for the Kalachakra Statue to make a Holy space

Dzokden kalapa annual fund

Helps us cover our opperational cost and upgrade the center