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Khentrul Rinpoche's Visit July - August 2024
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We are a magnificent Kalachakra center focused on the Jonang Tibetan Buddhist tradition for spiritual development, authentic study and practice. Like a hidden jewel deep in the beautiful Austrian mountains, our programs seek to inspire transformative experiences that cultivate deep inner realization and a strong compassionate heart. Inner peace leads to world peace as we aspire to transform our world into a Golden Age of peace and harmony. We are the only temple in Europe to offer the complete Jonang Kalachakra path as practiced uninterupted in Tibet for hundreds of years.

study jonang kalachakra

 We specialize in offering the complete Jonang Kalachakra Tantric path from the beginning stages through the Ngondro and completion stages of the profound vajra yogas. Anyone with a genuine interest and effort can practice this path.

Ngondro Program

Open to Anyone

For students exploring or working on the Kalachakra Ngondro, this is a great opportunity to flexibly learn to work with the practice the Ngondro as well as refresh your Samaya with the Guru Puja and Kalachakra Tsok.

4 Higher Empowerments

By Application to Khentrul Rinpoche

For students who wish to go deeper in their practice and are devoted to this path, guru and lineage, you can apply to receive the Higher Empowerment from Rinpoche. This will allow you to engage in the 3 isolations practice which is equivalent to Dzogchen meditation.


Completion Stage

To Dedicated Approved Students

The most detailed and profound completion stage practice is the 6 vajra yogas of Kalachakra. They work directly experientially for you to realize the Zhentong view of emptiness and unveil your true nature. The practices work with the subtle body, winds, channels and drops to unveil direct perception of reality as it truly is.


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