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Contribute to our collection of the Tibetan Canon and Kālachakra Literature

Sponsor Dharma Texts for Kalapa


Tibetan Canon and Kālachakra Literature 

There is a lot of benefit in taking care of the sacred Dharma texts as they contain the medicine we need for removing obscurations and for accumulating merit and wisdom for the sake of all sentient beings. 

Donate so that we can expand our collection of Tibetan Canon texts in the main shrine of the Kālachakra Temple. We have already the main texts of the Tibetan Canon at the temple and now we wish to expand our Canon collection. 

We aim also to expand our Kalapa library at the Yoga Room by purchasing significant books on Vajrayāna, Kālachakra, and the Jonang Tradition so that they are available for practitioners and visitors. This includes for example translations into modern languages of the Kālachakra Tantra and books on associated topics.