Summer 2024

Programs with Khentrul Rinpoche

2024 Teachings & Retreats

This year we are excited to introduce to you the beginning of our completion stage teachings. This program will be ongoing at Dzokden Kalapa fo the next 6 years. This historic teaching is the first time non-monastics practioners outside of Tibet have been given the chance to follow the Jonang Kalachakra completeion stage yogas in English.

While it is possible to follow the Dharma online,  it is best to take the opportunity to meet the Guru and receive the Empowerments in Person. This an incredibly precious opportunity to attend a retreat and empowerment in person with Khentrul Rinpoche. For those who wish to stay on for more than one-retreat we can make accomodations for you to stay on between sessions. You can enjoy hiking in the mountains, meditation and yoga practice as well as a chance to get to know Rinpoche better.

4 Higher Empowerment
of Kalachakra & Dark room retreat 

In-person only
July 12th – 21st (9 nights)

By Application Only: After receiving these empowerments, you will have all the qualifications to prepare yourself to enter the profound completion stage of Kalachakra in the future. To ensure that students succeed in their paths, Rinpoche bestows these Higher Empowerments only to pre-approved students who genuinely wish to deepen their practice of the Kalachakra path. This is an important step to reinforce the bond between vajra master and student in working together towards enlightenment.

Tantric Path of Desire & 6 Buddha Family Retreat

In-person or Online
July 26th – 28th 

We are delighted to announce that Rinpoché accepted our request to present his exciting new tantra book, “The Tantric Path of Desire” in Europe. He will give related teachings, a blessing ceremony of the 6 Buddha Families, and address crucial questions of both new and veteran practitioners.

What is tantric practice really about? How to use our day-to-day ‘negative’ emotions as positive potential? How do the different levels of Buddhist paths relate to each other? How to use sexuality as part of the spiritual path according to the Buddha’s tantric teachings? Why does one need an authentic Guru to learn Tantra genuinely?

1st Vajra Yoga:  Empowerment & Retreats

In-person only
August 2nd – 12th (10 nights + Empowerment)
WEEK 2: August 12th – 19th (7 nights)
WEEK 3: August 19th – August 26th (7 nights)
WEEK 4: August 26th – September 2nd (7 nights)

After repeated requests from individuals and groups over the last years, Rinpoché has finally accepted the request to teach the 6 Vajra Yogas of Kalachakra for the first time in Europe. This will be a milestone in the history of Kalachakra practice in the West. Rinpoché will come once a year to teach each Vajra Yoga over the next years. Moreover, Rinpoché has made an effort to clarify the conditions for participation in a way that gets back to the essence and allows practitioners with family and work commitments to fulfill the requirements. This is a precious and incredibly rare opportunity and we are delighted to be able to offer it at Kalapa.

For this year 2024 Rinpoché will bestow the 1st Vajra Yoga. To ensure the success of students on their paths, Rinpoche will only bestow it to pre-approved students who genuinely wish to deepen their practice.