Kalachakra Stupa

for World Peace and Harmony

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This rare form of stūpa was built in 2001-2002 thanks to generous donations and through the initiative of the association She Drup Ling (Graz). It was inaugurated by the Vajra Master Jhado Rinpoche in the presence of twenty monks.

A stūpa is a characteristic expres­sion of Buddhist architecture that represents the enlightened mind. Kālachakra stūpas are not connected to events in the Buddha’s life as a human in India, but rather to the symbolism of the Kālachakra Tantra as taught by the Buddha in his higher Sambhogakāya form of Kālachakra.

Powerful Relics in the Stupa

This particular stūpa in Garanas is filled with precious substances, mantras, sacred texts, blessed items, and various relics from Buddha Śhākyamuni and spiritually realized beings such as Padmasambhava, Atiśha, Marpa, Milarepa, Longchenpa, Tsongkhapa, Jamgön Kongtrül, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, the previous Dalai Lama, Dilgo Rinpoche, Lama Yeshe, and so forth..

Making offerings such as candles, incense, and flowers; or walking mindfully around the stūpa in a clockwise direction — known as circumambulation — is considered to be very auspicious. While doing so, bring to mind any negative deeds you want to purify and generate a mind that wishes for the well-being of all beings. In this way, you will connect yourself with the mind of enlightenment and accumulate merit for your spiritual development.