Donate to the Stupa

Sponsor the Restoration and Yearly Maintenance of the Stupa

Donate to the Stupa Maintenance


Volunteer for this Project

,We occasionally have stūpa maintenance within our Kalapa Care Weeks. You can volunteer to help repair ornamental elements, cracks, and painting.

Help visitors and wildlife experience the blessings of our  Kālachakra Stūpa

As winters can be quite harsh in our region, the stūpa requires regular maintenance. Volunteers regularly come together to paint and renovate the stūpa, which is an inspiring community effort. If you would like to contribute to the cost of maintaining the stūpa and its surroundings, you can donate here.

Meritorious Offerings 

Stupas are a tremendous support for generating merit. They are a representation of the enlightened mind of the Buddha and can be venerated as such. Repairing a stūpa with the intention to benefit all sentient beings generates oceans of virtue. In addition to this, making offerings to repair a Kālachakra Stūpa creates a karmic link between you and this powerful teachings taught by the Buddha as well as the lineage Masters who contributed to its blessing.

Building and repairing stūpas help purify karma of the living and deceased connected to the contribution. Animals who come into contact with the stūpa will connect themselves with the seed of liberation. Repairing a powerful holy object such as a stūpa also helps remove obstacles from the Dharma practice, creates the conditions for a long-life, heals from illness, and ultimately contributes to the recognition of our own enlightened nature.