Summer 2023

Programs with Khentrul Rinpoche

2023 EmpowermeNt Program

This is an incredibly precious opportunity to attend a retreat and empowerment in person with Khentrul Rinpoche. While it is possible to follow the Dharma online,  it is best to take the opportunity to meet the Guru and receive the Empowerments in Person. For those who wish to stay on for more than one-retreat we can make accomodations for you to stay on between sessions. You can enjoy hiking in the mountains, meditation and yoga practice as well as a chance to get to know Rinpoche better. 

Chöd Retreat 

August 4-10th, 2023 
One of the main obstacles on the spiritual path is our self-cherishing attitude which fuels feelings of bias and the many afflictions. Chöd, universally recognised as one of the best ways to eradicate the self-cherishing mind, is a unique practice lineage that can be found in all the major traditions in Tibet. Rinpoche will bestow Taranatha’s Pearl Garland Narration of the Chöd Empowerment that Opens the Gate to the Sky along with transmissions and teachings of the practice. 

4 Higher Empowerment
of Kalachakra 

August 14 – 23rd, 2023

By Application Only: After receiving these empowerments, you will have all the qualifications to prepare yourself to enter the profound completion stage of Kalachakra in the future. To ensure that students succeed in their paths, Rinpoche bestows these Higher Empowerments only to pre-approved students who genuinely wish to deepen their practice of the Kalachakra path. This is an important step to reinforce the bond between vajra master and student in working together towards enlightenment.

Kalachakra Dark Retreats (3 Isolations)

WEEK 2: August 23rd – 30th 
WEEK 3: August 30th – September 6th
WEEK 4: September 6th – 13th

This retreat is a rare opportunity to practice in a similar way to how aspiring yogis practice during the traditional three-year Kalachakra retreat, in a uniquely beautiful natural setting. This retreat will support the participants in cultivating the Three Isolations of Body, Speech, and Mind as a solid ground for entering the Kalachakra Completion Stage of the Six Vajra Yogas. You are welcome to take part in the entire retreat or any of the weeks of your choosing.

Kalapa Care volunteer weeks

We have a very unusual and special opportunity at Suchandra Institute. Khentrul Rinpoche will becoming to Europe to give Higher Empowerment of Kalachakra. In order to prepare for Rinpoche’s visit we are continuing to upgrade the Kalachakra Temple to Rinpoche’s specifications.  These are a great way to get to know the community and generate merit through selfless service. 

Kalachakra Temple

A Shrine for the Kalachakra Statue

Rinpoche instructed us with his vision for the Gompa to make a proper shrine area for the Kalachakra Statue off of the floor.

Yoga Room Fundraiser


A Space for Kalachakra Yoga Asana

The ceiling of the room in which Rinpoche wants us to pratice the yoga room is collapsing. We need to do structural repairs.

Volunteer Weekends

Help transform the space

We need the help of carpenters, painters, electricians, manual labor, cooks, handy people, woodworkers and more.