Dzokden Kalapa Enlightened Activities Program - Volunteer Application

For those who wish to make good karma and merit while they contribute to Golden Age and the local location in Austria, Khentrul Rinpoche has designed the Enlightened Activities Program. This program is for anyone who wishes to volunteer occasionally or for students who are dedicated practioners looking to learn how to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary as they make their whole life a tantric practice. Please complete this questionnaire to tell us about yourself. We use this information to match you to the activities that you may contribute the most to. As a Dzokden Kalapa volunteer, you will support Rinpoche and our events, communications, learning management system, book publishing, video production and much more. If you are just practicing locally in Austria, your information is only available at Kalapa. If you want to work with our internetional network your information will be shared with Dzokden located in the USA. Your data will be protected.

Local Questions, contact office 
Global Questions, contact [email protected].