Three Isolations (Wensum) Retreats

All participants must have received the Four Higher Empowerments of Kalachakra with instructions for the Three Isolations from Shar Khentrul Rinpoche. Everyone who has already taken these Four Higher Empowerments is automatically approved for participation. 

(Note: the Four Higher Empowerments of Kalachakra are not the same Kalachakra Empowerments which Rinpoche gave recently in Hong Kong in 2020 and in other places as in Vienna in 2019, which are called “The 7 Empowerments of a Growing Child”. If you are not totally sure that you have received the Four Higher Empowerments, write to us before registering.) 

We are grateful to be able to offer the Three Isolations (Wensum) Retreat for students of Khentrul Rinpoche at the beautiful Kalachakra Kalapa Retreat Center in the Austrian mountains. This retreat is a rare opportunity to practice in a similar way to how aspiring yogis practice during a traditional 3-year retreat. The retreat will support the participants to cultivate Shamatha and the Three Isolations of Body, Speech and Mind as a solid ground for entering into the Kalachakra Completion Stage of the Six Vajra Yogas.

The retreat has 2 parts of 2-week each: 

6th – 21st September and  

21st September – 5th October.

Join for one or both.

Online Teaching and Personal Meditation Guidance from Khentrul Rinpoche

Throughout the retreat, Rinpoche will offer weekly ca. 15 min. individual interviews remotely (via Zoom) for each retreatant, in order to discuss meditation progress and help alleviate obstacles to the practice. The Suchandra Institute will organize it in the library of the Retreat Center and will provide the necessary devices.

Khentrul Rinpoche has also kindly agreed to give a teaching session remotely (from Australia) on the Three Isolations at the beginning of each part of the retreat. 

As this time it is not possible to offer Dana for Rinpoche directly in-person, you can show your gratitude for Rinpoche’s immense effort in spreading the Kalachakra Teachings worldwide and for his guidance in this retreat here: OFFER DANA TO RINPOCHE

Retreat Sessions at the Kalachakra Kalapa Center leaded by Rafa Lobsang Dorje

Rafa Lobsang Dorje completed a 45-day Three Isolations Retreat last year and previously had received multiple empowerments and transmissions for this and for the 1st Vajra Yoga from Khentrul Rinpoche. We are incredibly fortunate that he has agreed to lead all the retreatants through the practice sessions and rituals.

Bring your Vajra Book with its commentary “The Hidden Treasure” and the Higher Empowerments Booklet as a reference for your practice. Other reading materials not directly related to the Wensum practice are not allowed during this retreat.

Retreat Infos and Guidelines

The Residential Retreat fee includes three vegetarian meals and accommodation at the beautiful Kalachakra Kalapa Retreat Center. The retreat will be closed and in complete silence. Participants are not allowed to leave the boundaries of the retreat centre; no visitors, no computers, no mobile phones. Phones and other electronic devices will be stored in the office. If someone needs to contact you in case of emergency, they can write an e-mail to [email protected] or call at +43 676 395 8898. Both e-mailbox and phone will be checked once a day during lunch time. 

The accommodation will be under the Covid-19 regulations of the Austrian Government. There is no need to use masks. It is necessary to prove upon arriving that you are either tested, recovered or vaccinated. We reserve the right to cancel the retreat if the regulations change. More information:—Aktuelle-Ma%C3%9Fnahmen.html#corona-regelungen-ab-1-juli

If you absolutely need an individual bedroom (limited number), please mention this when writing. Please inform us in advance about allergies and food intolerances and other important health and mental conditions.

Volunteer(s) needed

This is a strict retreat where the participants should avoid engaging in physical activity and interacting with others. Because of that, we need one volunteer for cooking (breakfast, lunch and light dinner) and organizing food supplies. The volunteer will have a private space and can enjoy all the retreat center spaces, except for the Gompa. This is an extraordinary opportunity to generate merit and create the causes for yourself engaging in this practice in the future. Differently from the participants, the volunteer do not need to stay all the time within the boundaries of the retreat center.

If you are considering this opportunity, please write as soon as possible to [email protected], so that we can arrange a video call in order to plan your participation. It is not necessary to volunteer for the whole retreat. You can offer as much as possible according to your possibilities.

REGISTRATION with DONATIONS for the Suchandra Institute and the Kalachakra Kalapa Center

The suggested donations are for just one part of the retreat (2 weeks).  If you are attending both parts of the retreat, please make sure to type “2” tickets instead of “1” when making the reservation on the formulary. In case of doubt, please contact us.

If you are attending just one part of the Retreat (2 weeks), inform us as soon as possible about which part you will participate.

Suggested donations per each 2-week part:

1000 € Sangha Supporter (with this donation you support another practitioner who needs a reduced registration)

750 € Suggested Donation (suggested offering for 2 weeks for one person)

500 € Reduced Donation (for those with a reduced income)

Please email [email protected] to discuss a lower offering amount or a scholarship. No one is turned away for lack of resources.

If you are not able to use PayPal for whatever reason, you can also make a direct debit deposit or wire transfer to our bank account using the following information. (In this case, please email informing us about your wire transfer.)

Suchandra Institut – Verein zur Förderung von Frieden und Harmonie

Branch: Raiffeisenbank Zirbenland, Im Dorf 16, 8763 Möderbrugg

Account: AT76 3836 8000 0201 1344




6th – 21st September

Arrivals on the 6th September. (Dinner at 6 PM, Orientation Meeting at 7 PM)

This part concludes with a full moon-Tsok on the evening of the 20th September.

Depart after breakfast on the 21st September.

September 21st – 5th October

Continue the retreat or then join only for this second part. 

New arrivals will come on the afternoon of the 21st September.

This part of the retreat will conclude with a fire Puja on the 4th October evening + extensive Dedications and Aspirations on the 5th October morning. Depart after lunch.


Sep 06 2021 - Oct 05 2021


All Day