Kalapa Care Week – Stupa Renovation & Painting


Come join us to make merit and offer service to the community at Suchandra Institute for some a few days or all of Volunteer week. Stay with us and cook together while we work on the precious stupa. This is a chance to connect directly to restore an object of our enlightened nature. One of the astrological remedies for falling ill or having obstacles is restoring a stupa. Illness comes from imbalance in our mind and directly working to build or repair one makes oceans of merit. Beyond the Stupa there are other projects and tasks planned for this week.

Free room and board. We are able to host until 8 volunteers in individual bedrooms. If the number of participants is higher than that, we can host some volunteers in our shared dormitories as well. Please RSVP below to attend or email [email protected]

You will need to comply with whatever the current regulations are for Covid put forth by the Austrian Government. More details here.


Sep 18 - 25 2022


All Day
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