Jonang Kalachakra Ngondro Visualization Card Set


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This package of sacred images includes everything you need to start your visualization for the Jonang Kalachakra preliminary practices (ngondro). The set of 13 images has been printed on sturdy high-quality paper and is the perfect size for traveling with. To help you learn how to identify the various images we have included a label on the back of each card.

Each card is 4.2″ by 5.5″

Card Set Includes:

  1. Shambhala
  2. Innate Kalachakra
  3. 24 Arm Kalachakra
  4. Vajra Vega
  5. Jonang Kalachakra Mandala
  6. Kalachakra Monogram Symbol
  7. Jonang Refuge Field
  8. Heruka Vajrasattva YabYum
  9. Vajradhara
  10. Khentrul Rinpoche
  11. Lama Lobsang Trinlé
  12. Jetsun Taranatha
  13. Dolopopa Sherab Gyaltsen