21 Taras Wishfulfilling Vase Puja Cards (Drolmi Kazug)


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Restricted Item
Only students who have received the empowerments, transmissions and own the vase for this Puja. Other vases will not have the right offering substances in them so are not suitable for this practice.

This set of Puja cards were drawn to Khentrul Rinpoche’s specifications based on the text. They are to be placed around your Fortune palace and vase.  There are other cards that can be extended beyond this as well. Rinpoche says this card set is a good one number to add.

Included in this set 
4 Human Naga with animal head and wings

12 Human Naga with animal head

སྤར་ཁ་བརྒྱད། 8 Fharka

རེ་བ་དགུ། 9 Mewas

9 Traditional Animals

10 Precious Animals

5 Traditional objects

For yourself and others to receive the most benefit of abundance from this practice, Rinpoche requests you do not copy or share these cards with others as they are for the restricted practice.