Kalachakra Temple Renovation Project

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Khentrul Rinpoche has given us instructions on how to transform the Kalachakra Temple at Kalapa to better suit and display the precious Kalachakra Statue. The statue should not be placed so low and in such simple conditions. It needs to be shown off and displayed as the most precious object. For this Khentrul Rinpoche has had artist in Tibet design the new Shrine room to his specifications.

(Original Design to the left) Below is part of the current adaption of the project visualised.

We will take the time to redo the Kalachakra Temple before his visit. This is a huge project that will take money, time, volunteers and contractors. We are still getting a final estimate for this fundraiser and will update it once we know it.

What You Are Sponsoring
(Costs of Materials + Electrician Labor)

Except for the electrician all of this project has been done by volunteers.
– Replace the Ceiling, add beams and install recessed lighting
– Repair the walls, refinish them and paint them
– Move and install electrical outlets
– Reinstall the wainscotting and ceiling Trim
– Create wooden flames and paint them for the Kalachakra Statue
– Shelving System and Shrine Room cabinetry to house the statue, Tengyur and Kangyur with new brocade wrappings around them
– Carving of dragons on the Shrine Room Cabinet
– Custom made roof for the Shrine from China
– Refinishing and staining the floor
– Sound system for the space and for streaming
– Custom cabinetry created for the Shrine
– Hand painted wooden Buddhist trim and ornaments installed throughout

If you have any skills related to design, architecture, painting, artist painting, wood carving, cabinetry, house painting, electrician and can help please email [email protected]. Thank you to the volunteers who have come from the USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, and Italy so far to help us transform this space. We could not have done it without all of your help.

Our Journey So Far